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Dec 13, 2000 03:39 PM

Patria, recent impressions?

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Going to Patria next week. Has anyone been there recently..and yeah...I know I'm about 5 years too late.

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  1. I went there about 6 months ago with a very fun group of people so the experience was ok. It certainly wasn't the food that did the trick. While the food wasn't bad it was uninspired to say the least.

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      Wow, I can't begin to tell you how much I disagree. I've been to almost all of NYC's top restaurants from Jean George on down, and Patria is my favorite. It isn't the fanciest place in New York, but for the sheer quality of the food, I think it's the best. I haven't had a single dish there that was less than astounding.

      I think everyone assumed the place would go downhill when Rodriguez left, but that has not been my experience. In fact, I was a little disappointed with Chicama the one time I went. But Patria blows me away every time. They also offer a superb prix fixe lunch menu for $25, which is great for cheap losers like me.