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Dec 13, 2000 07:58 AM

Epice du Traiteur

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I've booked for this place and know only what I've read in the reviews. Any opinions out there? Thanks.

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  1. I at there about 2 years ago; the brik (fried pastry filled with egg) was delicious beyond belief; the mixed grill was good -- nicely grilled lamb and merguez sausage on a bed of a chopped grilled vegetable salad; the couscous was abysmal -- tasted like hunts tomato sauce and chicken breast on mediocre instant couscous.

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      We ate there before a concert, also because every other place around Lincoln Center was booked. While nothing to rave about, the food was just fine, particularly the salads, but just as important, the room, service, in short everything, was totally pleasant and professional. We would go back. It's a great alternative to the flashy, overbooked nearer to Lincoln Center places.