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Dec 12, 2000 05:53 PM

Aquavit recommendations?

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I have reservations for Monday. I'd appreciate suggestions on particular dishes you've enjoyed.

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  1. I love this place. Not because it has amazing food but because the setting is fun and relaxing. Don't get me wrong, the food is very good and for me, it's a welcome change from the usual french scene, but I think it's more of a "fun" place to go than a place to go for culinary enlightenment.

    Anyways, the smorgasboard is a good start. There are at least 2 styles of herring on it so if you don't like herring, try the tuna lobster roll. Both are very appealing to the eye and lean towards the sweet side. Sometimes, they'll have a moist saddle of venison wrapped in rare duck breast. I couldn't stop marveling at how tender the venison was. The artic char was less impressive. For dessert, the mango tasting or the rhubarb tasting are both amusing (I liked the mango tasting better). Not everything works on the tasting dessert, but it's interesting to get the different textures and flavors. It also makes for a good topic of conversation. I wouldn't recommend the cloudberry or the lingonberry desserts though.

    Have fun. Make sure they seat you in the atrium.

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      I really enjoy Aquavit - and the artic char is excellent. I have had this fish some other places, and sometimes wonder if they are using the same fish...At Aquavit, it is a succulent but light pink fish that tastes like the offspring of a salmon and trout; I've had different preparations (one a berry sauce!) and they've all worked. For an appetizer, the herring plate w/ a shot of aquavit has authenticity, but I'm not enough of a sill (Swedish for herring) fan to really get into it. There is a crayfish soup that is delicious, but that may be a seasonal (summer) item. Tomorrow (Weds.) is St. Lucia day -- the beginning of the Swedish christmas season -- so I would be on the look out for Swedish Christmas treats like Lucia buns, special cookies, glugg, etc.

    2. I'm a big fan of Aquavit's but haven't been there in 2000. Still, I think it's pretty safe to say that it's hard to go wrong with any salmon preparation.

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        Brendan Taylor

        I went fairly recently and really enjoyed it. I was in the upstairs cafe, not the dining room, but I still think about the dinner I had there often. I will not go on about the salmon I had, but I have one recommendation.
        I asked our waitress to recommend an aquavit to go with each of my courses, and was very happy I did. I wish I could remember the different ones I had, but they really matched the dishes beautifully. The only aquavit we didn't like was the cloudberry favored one -- and this was not recommended to us.