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Dec 12, 2000 05:28 PM

NYC Bug going around - it's NOT food poisoning.

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I was all set to call a favorite local restaurant that I dine at with a complaint of BAD food poisoning. I then heard that there were many others with my "food posioning" like symptoms. It's a stomach flu that's going around, so don't give up your favorite locale if you should unfortunatley get it...

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  1. Thanks Michele - I've been walking around since Sat. night thinking that the Japanese food I had poisoned me... I'll give the restaurant the benefit of the doubt.

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      I'll say it's going around! We have it here in Maine too. It hit me on Saturday as well. I'll be in NY tomorrow night and I better be up for some serious eating by then! pat

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        Two weeks ago, I was on the way home from dental surgery---and blamed the op for barely making it off the subway at 79th Street in time to grasp for the nearest trash bin. Ugh--I must have been a sight--a bag lady of the worst kind. I THOUGHT it was a reaction to the surgery--and was thoroughly nauseated all day. But, then, three days later, my sister found herself sharing the exact same symptoms. Yes, a stomach bug is definitely making its nasty way around the city. My sympathies to all.