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Dec 12, 2000 12:46 PM

Babbo Wine List

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Hi everyone-

I'm going to Babbo again in a few days and have always
been fascinated by their enormous wine list.

I wish they had the list on line as to study some of
the bottles and vintages beforehand, but not.

My long shot question for the board is-

Has anyone who has been there remember any particular
bottle(s) they've been impressed by? I'm thinking
more towards reds and pricing does not have to be
necessarily cheap. It's a special occasion.

I also know you can ask the steward for suggestions
but just wanted some info to take with me if any
Italian wine fanatics on the board have dined there.



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  1. check out the following solengo 95 & 97. corino barberesco 95, banfi sumus 95, fontollaro 95, dal forno amarone -any year, go for a Gaja barolo!!! good luck

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    1. re: stephen kaye

      i'd second all the above, but i'd also add the dal forno valpolicella. it's more intense than most amarones out there (their own, excepted), and, though not inexpensive (around $80-95), it goes for a half or third of the dal forno amarone. for something really unique, also try the terre brune from sardinia, 1994 if possible. for whites, try a soave (no, i'm not joking) from stefano inama. spectacular.

      1. re: jr

        Excellent suggestion to try the Dal Forno Valpo. I love the Amarone too but would only recommend it to someone who has tried Amarone (any) and liked it before. I've had two experiences where a bottle of DF Amarone has been opened for the uninitiated, and it gets trashed by those who are accustomed to cleaner wines. I loved it, and more for me, but really a shame to waste it this way.

    2. another way to approach this is to call union sq wine shoppe, ask for mgr david, he can tout you on some wines/babbo. bastianich and batalli own the wine shop as well fyi. thx

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      1. re: stephen kaye

        Batali and Bastianich own Italian Wine Merchants located off of Union Square. Union Square Wines is a different store.

        Although I haven't seen the Babbo list in a few years, I suspect that they will have Chianti Classico's from some of the following producers

        Isole e Olena

        All of whom made very nice wine in the 95 and 97 vintages. These also won't break the bank. If you are looking to go a bit more upscale and stay in the Tuscany region I would look for Brunello or Super Tuscans from the 95 or 97 vntage. 95 is the current vintage available in Brunello. A lot of the newer super tuscans are made in the new world style and incorporate a lot of oak. But not knowing your preferences you might be looking for that. The 97 ST's will be extremely young and thus if possible I would be looking for an older one. Top ST's include Tignanello, Flaccianello, Fontalloro, and many others.

        I would definitely ask for assistance from the sommelier if you aren't sure. They might be able to suggest an aged barolo or barbaresco which might provide a sublime experience depending on the food match.

        Any way you cut it. Enjoy!


        1. re: Mike C

          All very fine Chianti makers, and probably on the list, but the house seems to prefer the extremely traditional and wonderful Chianti from Querciabella, which doesn't even say ``Howdy'' to the more internationally styled wines.

          For an amazing treat, make your first wine a quarto of a simple Arneis or something. Then order a bottle of Quintarelli's astonishing Alzero, a blockbuster amarone made with Cab Franc grapes instead of the traditional Valpolicella (not cheap in the least, but sold here for only a few dollars above wholesale), and challenge the kitchen to come up with something to go with the wine. Often, having a chef tailor his food to a specific wine is the way to get the best out of a serious restaurant.

      2. I haven't been to Babbo and only know the wine list by reputation. If you're interested in current and older vintages of Super Tuscan wines, I've posted recent tasting notes in the General Topics section (link below).

        You might also ask the sommelier about 1989 Barolo and Barbaresco. Not as expensive as the more highly regarded 90s, but more ready to enjoy today.