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Dec 10, 2000 08:20 PM

wedding reception near Central Park Conservatory Gardens

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My daughter & fiance plan a fall wedding in Central Park at the Conservatory Gardens, about 100 guests. (104th and Fifth) Then: everyone who's not too old walk en masse to a place nearby for a delicious buffet & dancing--not off-the-wall expensive. Anyone know of a space w/caterer or restaurant that might fit the bill?

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  1. Well...I've been to a couple of weddings at the Boathouse in Central Park in the last five years, and they have both been lovely. I wouldn't say the food is outstanding but it's not bad either. And the setting can't be beat - even when it rains. It absolutely poured during one of the weddings, but it did nothing to, er, dampen the event. And I almost can't think of a better time than Fall to have one! Plus I believe they have their own mini-buses or at least they have access to ferry the non-walkers around.
    You could also try Tavern on the Green,again, spectacular location and they go all out for a wedding...but that would probably cost a mint (not sure if cost is an issue). Again I'll be they'd send cars around for your non-walkers. Or you could get some horse-and-carriages!

    OTher than that you might try some of the small-to-medium restaurants on upper Madison Avenue...or even COlumbus, within short walking distance, and some of them are really lovely.

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      Thanks for the suggestions. Yes, cost matters--esp since we're talking about 100 people.
      Can you recommend a (delicious) restaurant on upper Madison/East Side?

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        Hmmm...Sarabeth's comes to mind but a) it might be too costly & b) not hold 100 people...I recall there are some cute French-y places up there, plus you might try the side streets too - i.e. between Mad & Park, or Park & Lex...there are often little places around there that might be willing to do a deal for a large crowd...Other than that I can't be more helpful as I'm not even on the right continent at the mo'! But maybe some Carnegie Hill chowhounds can help

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          OK, this is probably too far out of the way (58 E. 68th between Park and Mad), but a friend who works there told me today the Council on Foreign Relations, which is beautifully housed, is available for receptions, etc. 734-0400. Sorry we're no help on the UES restaurant scene.

    2. I went to a wedding at a mansion on East 91st Street, right off of 5th (maybe The Burden Mansion?) -- absolutely beautiful place for a reception. Have no idea of the cost.

      Later that same day I went to another wedding at the Mark Hotel (short cab ride away) -- really great food -- though I'm sure that was an expensive one.

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        I was actually married at the Burden mansion a few years ago. We had around 110 people, though there's room for more. It was incredibly beautiful and I'd highly recommend it. You have to make all your own arrangements, though, for caterer, flowers, music, etc--they just provide the venue. It requires booking pretty far in advance and as I recall there were some slightly irritating restrictions--reception has to end early-ish, etc.

      2. Hi, B.S. I like the suggestion of Park View at the Boat House. Or, in the other direction, how about The Terrace in the Sky? That's at 117th St. near Amsterdam. Terrific ambiance, pretty good food, great view, probably dance music available. No matter what, though, you'd probably have to arrange transportation for some of the guests. Maybe a car service van or two?
        I'll keep thinking...
        (In case Chowhounders are wondering about B.S. and L.S., Susan's my big sister.