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Dec 10, 2000 05:15 PM

Theatre District Dinner Ideas?

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Seriously, is there any moderately priced quality food around the theatre district in nyc? So far the best I've found is Virgils BBQ on 44th. I'm considering trying Rosa Mexicana ( a stretch to call it near the theatre district, but I've heard some good things ).


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  1. Plain food, but cheap, plentiful, and tasty at the bar downstairs at Cabana Carioca, 123 w.45th. Steak, garlic shrimp, roasted chicken, etc. (under $10 for a typical meal)--huge servings of rice & beans. And an interesting mix of folks from everywhere. Bar prices and menu are different from the rest of the place.

    1. Ollie's Midtown (190 W. 44th) is a regular stopping place. It's Chinese. It's reasonable. You WILL not go away hungry unless you choose to. It's busy, often loud. The wait staff, either because of language issues or just personality traits, often come off as rude or simply careless. All that said, the food is really good!

      Check out the MSN (NYC) City Search restaurant notes for Ollie's and other Broadway area restaurants. They have prices, reviews, Zagat ratings, about anything else you could want.

      1. I'm very high on Grand Szechuan Midtown. Ask for Frank and he'll help you fashion a great meal. It is on 9th Ave. in the low 50s, so depending upon which show you are seeing, it might take 5-10 minutes to walk there.

        1. Do a search here for the many comments - mostly quite positive on Becco, a very moderately priced Italian place with copious servings on Restaurant Row.

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            I think the best deal is the Hourglass Tavern. If you can find a place that offers a 3 course, home-cooked meal for less than 17 dollars per person, go there.

          2. My favorite place, although it's a little south to be called the Theatre District, is Chez Gnagna Coty, a Senegalese/Pan-African restaurant on 9th Avenue, a block south of Port Authority between 39th and 40th. She's a great cook, but she does take her time (go AFTER you've been to the theater). Entrees are $10 to $15, and the standouts are menu items like yassa fish (mustard/onion flavoring), thdebu jhen (spelling is all wrong, but its a tomato flavored lamb dish), and a few others. It's all good, honestly, and Gnagna is a wonderful lady, so sweet. Its been about 3 months since I've been, and I'm missing it already.

            I'm also a fan of Lofti's Moroccan on Restaurant Row, waaay down at the end of the block. About $15 per entree, homey atmosphere, nice tajines.