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Dec 10, 2000 03:25 PM

harlem queries/possible leads

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After acouple of hours wandering around 125th Street corridor, I wonder if anyone else has any experience with the following:

D.M.E.'s Southern Style Food, 124th & Lenox: The fried chicken here seemed pretty good -- though I don't think Charles has anything to worry about --, though I don't trust my taste in the area and grease there was. (Is it a no-no to in effect re-fry pieces that have already been fried, just to heat them up?.) Good banana pudding and pound cake.

I spent a few minutes talking to the owner's sweet elderly mother (a North Carolina native). The place has apparently only been open for a year, though it seemed to have a couple of decades worth of patina already and a chowhound-y kind of charm. Other standard offerings (pork chops, ham, salmon cakes, etc.) not sampled. Like Charles, no seating.

Louise Family Restaurant: around the corner at 121st or so and Lenox, looked like the real thing with things like short ribs on an old chalkboard menu though I didn't have the chance to partake. Anybody been?

I also tried the new Manna's at 125 and 8th. Big buffet at three-something a pound (which can make it cheap if you watch your weight), but that can't be good for the chicken, and the surroundings are pretty sterile.

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  1. I don't know any of those places; anybody else?

    "Is it a no-no to in effect re-fry pieces that have already been fried, just to heat them up?"

    yes. unless you're eating french fries in Belgium or pork in Sichuan, double-frying means guaranteed walk-out for me

    Speaking of 125 St, has anyone been to A Taste of Seafood (50 E. 125) lately?


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      Fran k Language

      How recent do you want? I went to A Taste of Seafood a few months ago, and got the fish sandwich, which as you know means a piece of fish and two slices of bread. I remember it was a huge piece of fish, which was very well-prepared and moist; I considered saving half for later, but I was hungry and ate it all.

      Their banana pudding was pretty good as well, although I felt it was pretty unremarkable. A Taste of Seafood is one place I keep making a mental note to hit again soon, but I haven't been up there in awhile. Will report when I do.

      1. re: Fran k Language

        Went to a Taste of Seafood over the summer. During lunch there is a special (which ends 2pm sharp!) so the line was out the door and it took quite awhile (30 minutes?) to get served. Everyone on line was very into the food. The wait was worth it and luckily, my friend and I scored 2 of the 4 counter seats in the place. There are no tables.

        We shared fantastically fried fish and shrimp w/ great sides, including mac and cheese. Not exactly a meal for the cholestrol conscious. Definitely worth a visit for take out but be prepared to wait if you need to eat in.

    2. g
      George Feldan

      I had dinner at Manna's this evening and it was terrific. The ambiance is sterile and you eat your food on a styrofoam tray with plastic utensiles . . . but the food was great and cheap. I had the best yams I ever had and creditable fried chicken.

      In fact, I have never been disappointed by the place but it seems that going at the right time--that would be Saturday or Sunday dinner--is the ticket. Things won't be sitting under the heat lamps for long as the place has a lot of customers.

      I'm old enough to remember when New York had great cafeterias (Garden, Shoreham, Dubrow's, Belmont) all sadly gone now. These pay-by-weight places should be filling that market niche but don't, except for this one.