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Dec 8, 2000 02:29 PM


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Has anyone been to the restaurant Meigas? If so, was it good - anything special I shoudl order? thanks

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  1. Had tapas there last week (sitting at the bar) -- the cod balls and the pork loin tapas were the best, but all were yummy (sorry, the bartender pours an enormous drink there (water glasses of scotch), so the details are fuzzy)). I thought overall the tapas were a bit fussy (and therefore expensive) -- set on plates that were drizzled with minced herbs, etc. -- I prefer rough and ready tapas like you get in the ordinary bars of Spain. But the chef is obviously talented...

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      Jeremy Osner

      It was too long ago to remember specifics but I was quite happy with my meal.

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        Martha Gehan

        I was there in August and thought it was outstanding. There was a rice dish with squid ink that blew me away, delicious Serrano ham, good calamari. Sorry, but I cannot remember anything else. Service was outstanding. When our party of four was about halfway through our appetizers, my friend's wine glass spontaneously exploded (bizarre!), showering her and her plate with shards of glass. A couple of waiters whisked us to another table, helped her pick the glass off and brought us all new appetizers and wine in a trice. And with no fuss, as if exploding glasses were an everyday occurence! The decor is a little odd, including a truly bad and enormous mural. Your post has reminded me of Meigas and now I must revisit!

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          I second the squid ink appetizer - it is a bit scary looking (jet black), but phenomenal.

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            Thanks to everyone who recommended the squid croquettes; I ate my second dinner at Meigas last night and was blown away by the flavors. Highlights were: squid croquettes, veal face, cod ravioli -- these three dishes were absolutely phenomenal. Everything else was excellent as well but paled next to these three. The waiter will nudge you toward ordering entrees, but my advice is make a dinner of appetizers -- that way you can sample a broad range of flavors and textures without overeating. Wine we ordered pretty blindly, choosing Martinet Bru '97 as the median in price among our waiters three recommendations, and we were very happy with it. Oh, thanks also to whoever (Nils?) recommended the bread pudding -- delicious!

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          Kathryn Callaghan

          I ate there a couple of months ago and wasn't that impressed with the appetizers or entrees, but the dessert was incredible: bread pudding with a marvelously intriguing torta del casar ice cream and strawberry sauce that was sour with balsamic vinegar. I'd go back just for that.

          1. I have been there 3-4 times. Obviously I like it. It's not your average NY Spanish or even Madrid Spanish restaurant. It is by far the best Spanish place in NY, yet it also it very different. The chef is influeneced by the fellow who is famous for his place outside Barcelona (he does all the stuff the the foams). I like his reinvention of my fave dish pulpo a ferreria. Instead of the regular style it comes out all formed and lucious.'s the same dish... The service is good, professional, friendly w/out the my name is George BS...Oh, they have the largest selection of Albarinos (Gallego white white) that I have seen in NYC. Goooood stuff.