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Dec 6, 2000 02:42 PM

Jo Jo recommendations?

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I am going to Jo Jo tommorrow night for dinner for the first time. Does anyone have any suggestions or recommendations? Thanks in advance!

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  1. I was atually there for lunch today for their 3 course $28 prix fixe. Unfortunately i did not really read through the full menu because they limit you to only two selections. I have been a few times prior and have always found their duck to be amazing. Wish I could be more help but I would reccomend one thing; call ahead to try and get a table upstairs. The tables are more spread out and the romm is a bit less hectic. The kitchen, bathrooms, bar, reception and coat check are all down on ground level. Either way, i think you will enjoy.

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      Made it to Jo Jo last night. Thanks for the duck recommendation - it was great.

      I thought the appetizers were just ok, although the entrees were excellent. We started with tuna spring rolls and goat cheese and potato terrine. Neither was particularly tasty or memorable. For entrees we had the duck and the venison. Both were yummy. I am not sure what spices were on the duck, but it may have been the best duck I have had. The venison was nicely cooked and a good choice on a cold night.

      We finished with the Valhrona chocolate cake which had a hot and runny center and was a good end to the meal. Once, we sat down everything was good, but the waiting area is so small that it is almost comical as the coat check lady tries to hang up jackets and the waiters try to navigate drinks from the bar to the tables and customers are trying to check in with the hostess.

      I hope that the restaurant isn't closing as some have said.

      1. re: Aaron Tell


        Boy, I hope not. Jo Jo was one of my favorite restaurant experiences in New York City. Just great; I had pumpkin ravioli for an appetizer and terrific duck; my date had venison. Sent my parents there 6 months later, and they really enjoyed also. Great food. (I'm a first-time poster, btw, but I've been reading for a while.)

        1. re: Dave Gaffen

          Went to JoJo last night - would not even have thought of it except was scrolling down the message board looking for what I call a 'big-deal' type place I thought we could get into at a resonable hour without reserving two months in advance - client/friends type dinner - Food was great - two had the four course &65 prix fixe - simply the best slow-cooked salmon I've had in years - also cod and striped bass (it all starts with the fish - no way could I buy such quality) - venison, though, not aged enough and a bit overdone...service stiff but got rather friendly as the night went on - pricey but food quality and preparation, as is not usual, worth it...

    2. The slowly baked salmon was very good--unbelievably moist. I was also enviously eyeing some chickpea fries that came with the roasted chicken...

      I think you get different side dishes based on your entree. Be sure to ask what comes with yours. I had some very boring sauteed swiss chard.