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Dec 4, 2000 01:20 AM

Ratner's is still open!

  • j

The conventional wisdom is that Ratner's is closed, and will turn into a steakhouse.

Guess what. It's not closed. The same old waiters are serving the same blintzes and kasha varnishkes, and the same cheese danishes, cream cheesey rugelach, and onion rolls are being sold up front in the bakery. The only diff is that the back half of the restaurant is walled off.

i can't promise they'll continue like this, but anyone who got misty-eyed at the news that this place shut can at least go get one last meal. I stopped in today for pastries from the bakery, but everything had that old funky (GOOD funky) flavor I remember (and that stuff cooked from jewish cookbook recipes will never come close to evoking). I'd suggest everyone with fond memories go have one last bite, for closure.


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  1. Don't know what time of day you were there, but a friend who lives near by told me they are doing the old Ratner's thing during the day and the new menu/concept at dinner. Also the kitchen is NOT kosher now (at any time of day) for those who care....

    Personally, I think the food was pretty bad/overpriced and will only miss it on a conceptual level.

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      cinnamon again

      While you're in the neighborhood, don't forget Economy Candy (Rivington St., i think). The prices can't be beat and they have stuff you haven't seen in 25 years (like Niklnips). Great place!