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Nov 29, 2000 01:33 PM

Coco Pazzo Teatre

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Went to see The Allergists Wife last night. Very funny show. Haven't laughed so much in a long time. Our friends had made pre-theatre reservations at Coco Pozzo Teatro for 6:00. We have eaten there twice before and it was just so-so. Well, last night was a disaster to say the least and an expensive one to boot. All 5 of us had salads and the kitchen forgot to put dressing on 2 of them so back they went with apologies from the staff. I ordered the beet and goat cheese salad. Remember, "where's the beef"? Last night I asked,"where's the cheese"? You can't believe what I got for $10.00. Four people ordered the red snapper for main course and no one had a kind thing to say about the dish. They hardly ate any of it. I ordered the tuna, very rare. The waiter even kidded me by saying just 2 seconds on each side. I said fine. It came very well done. I returned it and even though the restaurant was only half full,(unussual for pre-theatre)my tuna came back at 7:25. I would have loved to tell them what to do with it. We had to pay the bill, get our coats and walk to the theatre for the 8:00 curtain. I had 2 bites and out we were. Fortunately we loved the show so the evening was not a total loss. As my wife said, "Coco will never make Pazzos out of us again". Great line, don't you think.

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  1. That is interesting, a couple of years ago I used to be the General Manager there, and we were always packed to bursting during pre-theatre. Since then they have changed the whole FOH staff, chef is the same. I went for post theatre a couple of weeks ago, AWFUL. Yet, the food at Le Madri and Coco Cafe is good.
    Oh well. There are way too many restaurants in New York to have to eat at a lousy one, so moving right along....