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Nov 28, 2000 02:07 PM

Hot Chocolate in GCT Juniors

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I met a friend for dessert & hot chocolate at the Juniors in GCT last wednesday afternoon and while the cakes we each had were great, and way too big to finish, the hot chocolate was in her words "dirty water." On a cold day, it can be nice to have hot chocolate to warm up, just don't do it at Juniors, although I'd go back for the yummy layer cake.

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  1. Hmm, I had it about a month ago and while it wasn't great, it wasn't bad. Of course it may have been the whipped cream more than the chocolate.

    Haven't been there yet this year, but the Bread Market Cafe (I think that's the name) across 5th Avenue from the Library used to have a great, milky hot chocolate.

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      the hot chocolate at city bakery is quite wonderful. thick and rich and made with fruity chocolate, and they have homemade marshmallows they'll float on the top. and get a melted chocolate cookie to go with it. heaven!

    2. Some of the best hot chocolate in the city can be found at any of the branches of L'Petite Abielle (18th and 6th; Hudson and Commerce[>]; 14th and 9th; and somewhere on west broadway).

      in the winter gabrielle's (sp?) on West 60th used to make a version of italian hot chocolate. very rich. i found it inconsistent, but cheaper than a plane ticket. not sure if they still serve it.