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Nov 27, 2000 06:03 PM

Adios, Cafe Habana (W. Village)

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Though the neon sign remains, albeit unlit, a paper sign taped to the door announces a new restaurant coming soon. Incidentally, the paper sign replaces an earlier one that simply said 'Closed for Renovations'. Truly thought Cafe Habana was coming back soon after dragging their feet through a slow retooling. Too bad! Anyway, the new restaurant is called Jumo and is billing itself as a 'restobar', scheduled to open Dec. 6...

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  1. Sorry to see it go. I thought it was doing well?

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    1. re: blynch

      huge loss to the neighborhood, along with the closing of cafe fez. every time i went to habana, and there were many, it was crowded. no idea what went wrong, but it's gonna be tough going across town to get that grilled corn and cuban sandwich.