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Nov 27, 2000 08:30 AM

My favorite pizza thus far.

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Can't believe I never noticed 'Casanovas' before. It's little nook-n-cranny joint located on Williams street just off of Fulton. The pizza is nothing like I've ever had before, the sauce is somewhat runny while the cheese is always excessive. Sounds messy, but not the case. It's a nice change of pace since 97% of all pizzerias shy away from loading on sauce. Inevitably, there is a downside: the place is considerably inconsistent. Two out of the seven or so times I've been there, the pizza has not been up to par as mentioned above. Not a big deal for me since I'm literally a block away, but may be a gamble for anyone else. Oh yeah, unfortunately the place closes at 6 pm too.
Maybe not worth a day trip from Queens or the Bronx, but shouldn't be avoided if you find yourself in Lower Manhattan.

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