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Nov 21, 2000 02:03 PM

mexican cart 106&ams.

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On the corner of 106th & Amsterdam, there is a lady with a cart who is serving some really great Mexican comfort food. She says she is only there on Saturdays.

Her tamales are moist, flavorful and very homey. She also serves a hot cereal with corn, milk and cinnamon that is great winter breakfast food. I would highly recommend both.

We also tried a beef soup that wasn't up to the standards of the other dishes. The previous week she had tripe soup, but we didn't try that. Also, watch out for the green hot sauce, which is really, really, really hot -- but good in small doses.

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  1. Christy--yep, hers are real good. Also, the "cereal" is atol, the traditional accompaniment to tamales. the combo is pre-Columbian, by the way.

    1. Christy - thanks for the tip. That sounds great. I've never made it to the famed Arepa Lady, but this is only six blocks from my house - so I'll be there this Sat.!!