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Nov 20, 2000 08:14 PM

Can I Get An Opinion Here? SF chowhound visiting NYC

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Did you ever go to the Coliseum for a trade show? I think there were actual casualties from the hot dogs. I don't think Jacob Javits has much more to offer. Any lunch places a short walk from the convention center? (you know, 11th between 34-39th sts.)???

How about a couple of DO NOT MISS dinner restaurants -- not expensive, not showy. Already planning to go to the Funky Broome thanks to this board. Anything to try and beat San Francisco Chinese? How about Brazilian food? Tapas? French? Patricia Unterman threw down the gauntlet in the New Yorker, and I'd love to hear your side of it.

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  1. For not expensive dinner I would go to Pearl Oyster Bar,Aquagrill and Blue Hill. Use the Search to check out postings.For lunch take a cab to another neighbor hood. If you want to spurge for dinner Gramercy Tavern is worth it.