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Nov 20, 2000 07:14 PM

The Doughnut Plant

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Anyone notice "The Doughnut Plant", an apparently wholesale/retail operation that recently opened on Grand St next to Kossar's? I saw it late one night (closed)...looked ok. And, being next to Kossar's, perhaps the hallowed ground has had an effect

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  1. There's a donut thread from this past year that I think mentions this place (will add another post if I find it). Went there about 6 months ago, first thing on a Sunday a.m. (a chowhound warned to get there early) and ordered a Valrhona (sp?) and orange. The woman behind the counter dealt well with the line forming outside. Each donut was about $1.75 and they were really large, very yeasty, and...pleasant. Since I'm more of a cake-y donut fan I won't make another special trip, but the place sure has its followers. It would be interesting to know what you think about em. Kossars is our main destination on the block.

    :) OOO]

    1. They were written up in the Times several months ago, maybe even last year. The owner's name is Israelson or maybe Israelman, he made a name for himself (and was discussed on these very boards!) delivering his doughnuts by bicycle for a couple of years before he opened the storefront -- you can buy them at (I know) Dean & Deluca's and (I think) several other upscale coffee counters downtown. I think they are very good, especially the ultra-rich chocolate doughnuts. At least last time I was there, they were making small enough batches that they would run out by lunchtime most days.

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        The owner was also the guest of honor on an Emeril Live show devoted to doughnuts about 6 months ago. They are also available at one of the coffee places in Grand Central. The place also has a website. Very unique doughnuts, but a bit heavy and chewy for my taste.

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          I believe the guy's name is Mark Israel, and the doughnuts are quite good if you prefer yeasty ones to cakey ones, which I do. I agree that they could be a bit lighter in texture. NOT to be missed are the glazes he makes in the summer from fresh fruits, especially the raspberry, which is intense, not at all sweet and the absolute essence of the berry.

          1. re: Martha Gehan

            Rasberry... thanks! I remembered eating a donut from there with a really good fruit glaze earlier this year but could not remember more specifically.

      2. This place has been open since then end of January or early February. There are two groups of posts on the boards, one group dating from February and the other from March.

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        1. re: Peter Cuce

          Thanks, Peter; yeah, it's been pointed out to me. I saw those messages, of course, but for some reason failed to associate them with this actual storefront.

          Glad my radar seems to be working ok...though response hasn't been all THAT enthusiastic about the place...