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Nov 20, 2000 08:43 AM

Where can I get a great dessert for Thanksgiving?

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Any bakery you can recommend? I am mostly thinking of getting a pie or cheesecake. Thanks!

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  1. What about the Little Pie Company in Grand Central and on 14th Street. I hear their pies are amazing for a commercial product.(Not that this sis a find as they're often mentioned here.


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      Go to Balthazar Bakery (actually call ahead and order). They have a pumkin pecan pie that is delicious.

    2. Veniro's on 12/11th and 1st ave.
      The best Cheesecake in NY.
      Some of the best Italian desserts in NY.

      1. It's not a cake or a pie, but my family can't resist the Baskin Robbins ice cream turkey!