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Nov 17, 2000 09:54 AM

boca chica

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has anyone been to the new pan-latin restaurant in the east village called boca chica?

i read a pretty good review at but i wanted a real person's opinion.

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  1. Haven't been there in a long while, but I'll give you the chowhoundish conventional wisdom (which hopefully others will flesh out, or, if necessary, dissent against):

    good fun place, great drinks (esp. caiperhinas, which are alleged to be the best in town), noisy (in a "fun" way), food is decent-to-good.

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    1. re: Jim Leff

      I too have not been there for a while, but it is definitely not a new restaurant (it's been there 3-4 years already)

      What I liked about it, was that it had a pan Latino menu with some interesting takes. I do agree with Jim, a great place for drinks, rather noisy and the food is good but not incredible, but definitely I would go back (so why haven't I? too many choices)

      1. re: Lisa

        good carnitas burritos and fried plantains. large portions

    2. The vegetarian green chile is excellent.