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Nov 16, 2000 09:13 PM

Peacock Alley or Palm Court

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Hello! We have narrowed our search for Thanksgiving dinner down to two NYC hotel restaurants. We chose this route for the simple reason they offer a buffet and everyone in the dinner party can find something they like!

Does anyone have any info on either the Palm Court at the Plaza or Peacock Alley at the Waldorf? I would greatly appreciate any feedback; I have to cancel one of the reservations by 6pm tomorrow.


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  1. I ate dinner at Peacock Alley last Saturday night and I thought it was great. The food and the service were wonderful, although the atmosphere can be lacking - more than 1/2 the tables were empty, and most diners were older and probably hotel guests. I am in my 20s and my group lowered the median age by quite a bit. Also, the meal we had was not a buffet.
    We started with an amuse of sea bass carpacio. Then we both started with the raw tuna with osetra caviar. Both the portions of the tuna and caviar were quite generous. This was our favorite dish of the night. Then we both had mesclun salads with vinegrette dressing. Then I had a lamb dish which was done very well and my friend had fois gras, which I tried, and was also good. Lastly I had venison, which was a small portion but good and came with a pumpkin yogurt, and she had capon which was good. We shared the chocolate suprise dessert and then they rolled us out of there.
    The service was nice. I noticed that a group of hotel guests were eating what looked like steak so I asked our waiter what they were eating and he said they asked for steak, and although it wasn't on the menu, this being the Waldorf, they made them steak. I thought it was a shame that the other group was missing Chef Gras's cuisine, but thought that it was good that they tried to make their guests happy. To sum it up, the food was delicious, the service was soliticious, but lively it was not.

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      Lively or not, Laurent Gras (at Peacock Alley) is one of the very top chefs in Manhattan today. He worked with Alain Ducasse long enough for many to believe Gras is the better chef. He's intensely creative, exacting when it comes to ingredients, and never short of thrilling. The restaurant is sedate, to be sure, but I find it restful. The wine steward (whose name escapes me) is quite special and extraordinarily helpful.

      There is a brunch buffet (a truly Bacchanalean affair), but no other buffets at Peacock Alley; I believe the same is true of the Palm Court.

      In any case, you won't do much better than Peacock Alley. I say go for it!

      Bon app├ętit!