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Nov 15, 2000 07:40 PM

Johns of 12th St.or I Coppi?

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Any feedback on either of these restaurants? 5 females from the "burbs" looking for good atmosphere, good (or better )Italian food, reasonably priced, for holiday reunion dinner. Any suggestions other than these? Thanks

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  1. I Coppi is way better - but not cheap. Do a search on this board - you'll find lots of stuff.

    1. As Elaine has mentioned, they aren't comparable. John's is boisterous and nostalgic, with heaping plates of garlicky Southern Italian fare. I Coppi is relatively quiet, with smaller portions of Tuscan fare. Without wine, a full meal at John's will run $25 or so; at i Coppi, more like $40.

      I agree with Elaine that the food is much better at i Coppi. And the wine list is much better (100% Italian, though).

      Isn't "boisterous" one of those words that look misspelled when spelled correctly?

      1. I Coppi is a singularly beautiful restaurant, but I was disappointed with my meal there. It was okay, but not great. Since Tuscan cuisine is very simple, the quality of ingredients really matter, and I found this to be lacking. Be forewarned -- they do not use salt in their bread, which is geniunely Tuscan, but this is a somewhat acquired taste.

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          It is a pretty place, but far too pricey to take the chance that it might be good that night. I ate there this summer with a group of 6 women and tasted everyone's dish - and they were all uninspired and overpriced IMHO

        2. Try Lupa, see posts below.
          Also, I Coppi is 100 times better that John's. There is no comparison here.

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          1. re: Ari

            If I Coppi is 100 times better than John's of 12th,what can they possibly be serving at John's? Alpo?I Coppi is terrible! Do not waste your reunionnight there!

            1. re: Melisande

              Ok, Ok...listen...I am not saying that I Coppi is the best restaurant in the world. I have been there a few times and I admit it is inconsistent. When it is good it is very good, other times it can be a bit bland. On the other hand, I find John's completely uninspired.
              Either way, there are lots of restaurants in that hood that are much better than both.

          2. Neither!!! The former is uninspired (and not even very good for what it is) old-school red sauce; the latter is overpriced, 'upwardly mediocre' Tuscan!

            If you have your heart set on the East Village, think about Max (no reservations, though!), Mugsy's Chow Chow, Il Bagatto, or Cafe Gnoccho. There's also a new one called Risa on Houston betw. Mott and Mulberry that I have heard about but haven't got any substantive feedback on!