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Nov 15, 2000 04:56 PM

Toons Thai Restaurant in the Village?

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We'll be in the village and am looking for a good Thai restarant and maybe a little atmosphere.

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  1. Toons is pretty good (in my opinion). The decor is "Thai kitschy" and service seems a bit braindead but the food is excellent. Be sure to get the dumplings (either veggie or pork) as an app.

    1. I'd head for Holy Basil on Greenwich Ave. - - much better than Toons and a nice, cool ambience. If you are leaning towards something a bit more lively, hip, and colorful and are willing to sub Thai for more of a pan-Asian menu, go to Chow Bar on W. 4th betw. 7th and W.10th (I think). GREAT decor and lighting, etc - - pretty decent food, esp. appetizers (Shrimp dumplings w/ red pepper miso - yum!). Service is slow, but food comes out pretty quickly and the drinks are stiff!