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Nov 15, 2000 03:21 PM


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Ok, I should know this BUT where is the best pizza in New York? (Either American or Italian style)I have been to Lombardi's/Grimaldi's/John's/Arturo's/ etc...
Does anyone have a more obscure suggestion?

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  1. I like Candido's on First Ave. at 84 St. They make a pie that is heavily influenced by Arthur Ave in the Bronx. All the ingredients are fresh and they don't usually blacken the crust (although I like that too). The dough is very flavorful, making the ends a treat, unlike John's where I find the end crust to be basically a throwaway. The sausage topping is excellent.

    So that you know what I'm comparing it to: I do like John's, and Totonno's (spotty). I don't like Lombardi's or the Patsy's chain. I hate Polestina's. Never been to Grimaldi's in Brooklyn.

    Every New Yorker, family or friend, that I have brought to Candido's loved the pie.

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      Thanks, I will definitely try Candido's.
      Just curious, why don't you like Lombardi's? I've always enjoyed the pizza there.

      1. re: Ari

        In the grand scheme of things I wouldn't call Lombardi's bad pizza, considering all the junk that's being sold, but we felt that the pie was kind of thrown together. The flavors didn't blend well - we could taste cheese, then tomato, then basil - but never as one. I also felt that the dough was lacking in flavor and in texture (don't ask me to explain that, I can't). We only went there once and felt it was disappointing enough to not bother with a second visit. For the record, we had a plain Margherita pie with extra basil.

    2. First off, Lombardi's is way better than Candido and has the freshest ingredients around. One minor gripe is that the pies could be a little crunchier. The white clam pie, however, is a religious experience.
      You want good pizza by the slice that's a bit obscure -- Sal & Carmines (B'way between 101st and 102nd). It rocks.

      1. I can't believe no one here has mentioned DiFara's in Brooklyn. Go to the outer borough message board--it has numerous DiFara threads. It's almost Talmudic, the amount of discussion and analysis DF has generated and go eat the pizza.