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Nov 15, 2000 06:41 AM

most non-cliche romantic restaurant in Manhattan

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OK I'm looking for atmosphere folks - but not cliche! So some je ne sais quoi. What's the most romantic restaurant in Manhattan, and what makes it so?

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  1. For me, romance is in the moment rather than the restaurant. But FWIW, one of my most romantic dinners ever was at La Luncheonette. I think I must have had couscous of some sort. I liked the (then) off the beaten tracl location and the low-key but professional atmosphere of the place. I hope it is still good.

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    1. re: Zephyr

      Tapas is beyond all other options in the realm of the Eating Date. Inviting someone for tapas is saying "I want you to see how I eat pig's ear, that slab of pink flesh draped across my tongue. I want to watch you slurp hungrily as the sauce from mussels runs down your grasping fingers and forearms. I want to indulge in the rich aromas of garlic and textures of red wine, the day as it turns to night, life and death, awakenness and dreams intertwining. We will scald our mouths on melted butter and deluge them with freshets of water, sucking on the fruits of our sangria we will move our barstools closer...have our legs been touching all this time? can i dip my bread in your sauce? i think no one is watching...the music is getting louder...i think the waitress is from barthelona...the wood of the bar is smooth and so, touch it...the last of the UPS trucks is gone from the street and the avenues are running with taxis, the night is here...we are lost in a swirl of neon and the clatter of dishes...the steam from a revealed bowl of garlic soup...the laughter and the nighttime...a clamshell needs the right combination of tongue and teeth, and, yes, yes it yields it's rubbery bounty into my mouth...mmmm i suck the combined juices from my fingers and time telescopes down into one instant...i taste you and me and everything we have eaten and experienced this heady night; this generous, temptress night."

      1. re: keithk

        OK that did it Keith! When are you free? :-)

        1. re: keithk
          Rachel Perlow

          The ultimate food erotica, Bravo!

          1. re: keithk

            Oh man that was classic. You forgot to mention what you can do with a hot, oily and firm chorizo though.


            1. re: Jason Perlow

              And don't forget Tabasco!

              1. re: slinky
                Jason "The Spanish Sausage" Perlow

                Tabasco? Really? On spanish chorizo?

                I dunno. I've had it prepared both the castillian and and basque ways, sauteed in red wine with garlic and also flamed and grilled with a splash liqueur (the portuguese way). Somehow tabasco just doesnt sound right, unless you are thinking of chaurice, the creole equivalent. Maybe.

                Just as long as chorizo has been sliced up into nice oblong peices and is oozing with oily, red juice to be sopped up with some nice crusty bread. Happy Happy Happy.

              2. re: Jason Perlow
                Miguel Gierbolini

                For the love of God do not stop using your "middle name." E.g. Jason "Eros" Perlow, Jason "Racquel Darrian" Perlow, Jason "Baccus" Perlow, Jason "Julia--oh don't look so surprised--Child" Perlow, Jason "I don't care what Jim thinks" Perlow.

                1. re: Miguel Gierbolini
                  Jessica Shatan

                  How about Jason "is all subtlety lost on you" Perlow? I really do love your posts, man, but this was such a clunker after the moody, sensual beauty (UPS trucks heading into the night) of the last post.

                  1. re: Jessica Shatan
                    Jason "Food Hustler" Perlow

                    Yeah but I like my Food Porn raunchy, Jessica. Subtlety is totally wasted on me.