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Nov 14, 2000 07:06 PM

Lunch treat after having a fingernail removed

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I apologize in advance for the arch tone and for the revulsion factor, but I am in earnest, and hope you can help. This is an appointment at Columbia Presb that I have put off for, oh, ten or fifteen years, had to warm up to the idea. I want to reward myself for actually getting on the 7:45 train and having my nail ripped out by the roots with a treat lunch. I will be by myself, to which I am accustomed, and will be near E (only-just) 61st St. However, I will be able to walk (it IS my fingernail, after all), swipe my Metrocard or, pathetically, bandaged, hail a cab.This doctor is noted for a mere jab of xylocaine, so I wont be dealing with codeine, sob, but perhaps a lunch with the tiniest bit of wine.... I have had thoughts of 5757 (hotel dining solves the solo problem), Le Colonial (I like Vietnamese, but havent been here), or Caviarteria (no idea about it, but if caviar doesnt cheer me up, nothing will). Oceana? Destinee? If anyone has a thought, I will welcome it. And I do solemnly swear that this is my last frivolous request this year (I mean, through Dec 31, not through Nov 14, 2001, mind). And who knows when I may be able to type again?Humbly, and in terror,D Van D

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  1. Yuck. Good luck.

    Of the places you've mentioned, I've had several lunches and brunches at 5757, and the enormous hotel premium that seems to be built into the prices is not justified by the unmemorable food or the haphazard service (our bloody mary's once came AFTER the entrees).

    On the other hand, I took a colleague to lunch at Oceana this summer and while it was pricey (certainly less so than 5757 however), all the food was truly creative and extremely fresh - there were a few near-misses (I remember one app. was quite salty), but some revelations as well (a melting artic char with baby vegetables). The room is not packed at lunch and feels dim and spacious - I would not feel self conscious at all dining alone here.

    1. Go to Oceana. The food is very good. The staff is friendly and will treat you well. The place is relaxing.It feels like the inside of a boat but you don't get seasick.

      1. Might be a little far east for you, but I'd get thee to Sono for lunch.

        And I've been digitally-impaired myself for more than a month (Gouda cheese, a bad serrated knife, and me are evidently a bad combination).

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          Jeez, Dave, didn't you just take knifing lessons?

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            If it were possible for a teacher of knife techniques to sue a student for malpractice, I'd be in big trouble.

          2. re: Dave Feldman

            This will be brief. Typing is a little tricky. And as far as codeine, that was laughed off at first mention--apparently Columbia Presb is strictly BYO. Still, Sono was a treat. The waitstaff was charming, and it didnt seem that it would have been different if I werent doing my bird-with-a-broken wing routine. I had a starter of scallop dumplings, very subtle, with sea urchin roe on top, and with a wonderfully UNsubtle wasabi dip. The bento box special included sliced duck breast, pompano with asian vegetables and uzi shrimp with cayenne--and two kinds of sticky rice cakes that were lovely. All very good, with real enthusiasm for the shrimp. The chopsticks gave me pause, momentarily, but were actually a little easier to manage than the fork. Sorry to hear of your mishap--I have two of those myself, both quite dramatic. I always love the old yadda that you can cut yourself more easily with a dull knife than a sharp one--I've never had any problem with either one...but...Gruyere, John? Thanks, again. Deb