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Nov 14, 2000 08:15 AM

needed: restaurant for friday night, Columbus and 72nd????

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We need a suggestion for a pre-theatre dinner near Columbus and 72nd. No oriental or mexican please, some of the people in the party are sensitive eaters.
All intelligent suggestions appreciated!

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  1. Well... the Upper West Side isn't really the place for an uplifting dining experience, as (I hope) you know. Two pretty decent options:
    * Epices du Traiteur: a cute Tunisian bistro (think French with a twist) on 70th just west of Columbus. The only problem is that it's small -- If you're more than four in your party, you might have a problem.
    * The City Grill: Unexciting but pleasant American fare, on Columbus between 72nd and 73rd.
    Both are moderately priced.

    1. Go to Pasha on W.71 street.Turkish cuisine,moderate price,attractive setting and good service. Not just kebobs.

      1. Epice and Pasha are good choices, BUT please don't go to City Grill. If you want something cheap and slightly below average try Arte Pasta on 73rd street.

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        1. re: Ari

          I think City Grill and Arte Pasta are more or less on the same level -- I found them both to be OK-but-not-great in that annoying Upper West Side kind of way. But at City Grill you have more variety, plus the feeling that at least they're trying to transcend the neighborhood...
          By the way, I've been meaning to ask this for a while: have you (or anyone you know in the UWS) tried the new tapas place on Columbus? Any views?

          1. re: Shani

            oops, just saw your post on the tapas place. Yet another disappointment. (sigh.) Oh well, thanks for the tip!

            1. re: Shani

              You could try Ernies, which is on Bway. Nothing fantastic, but it's pretty good.

              1. re: Shani

                It is an awful food area, and I'd say that the tapas place (RIP, Diane's) and City Grill are among the worst possibilities.

                Pommodoro is decent, a definite step up from ArtePasta, IMO, a decent neighborhood Italian.

                1. re: Dave Feldman

                  The only thing I like at Pomodoro is their tomato soup served in a loaf of bread (well, that and the crack on Seinfeld about it being "a break-up restaurant"...). Just one more question for you UWS people -- I never give up hope -- have you tried Vince & Eddie's on 68th? Any good?

                  1. re: Dave Feldman

                    its tough neighborhood, i live on 75th St.

                    Steak place on 70 or 71St bet columbus/CPW north side
                    turkist place across south side of street(Prana)

                    also tapas place on columbus is fun, not great but fun.

                2. re: Shani

                  I guess you are right about the level of cuisine at city grill and arte pasta. But city grill seems so cold. What about Pomodoro on 71st and columbus? I am usually satisfied when I go there but I ALWAYS get the same thing...meat sauce.