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Nov 13, 2000 05:18 PM

Wonderful restaurant in Hamilton Heights

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I went to a great restaurant on Broadway and 137th recently, called Cafe Largo. The food was mostly Latin (empanadas, arroz con camarones, grilled skirt steak) and very tasty. It's in a brownstone that the owner renovated himself -- tin ceilings, brick walls, etc. Saturday nights they have live music. All in all a very pleasant experience. I'm looking forward to going back.
I'd love to hear what others think about it.

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  1. j
    Jessica Shatan

    I have never heard of this neighborhood name. Is it a new-fangled broker invention or an old term that fell out of fashion?? And what are the boundaries of t Hamilton Heights (sounds like an Aaron Spelling creation!)

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    1. re: Jessica Shatan

      I think it's an old name that's coming back into fashion. When I ate there I was told what the boundaries are, but now I don't remember.

      1. re: Jessica Shatan

        Hamilton Heights was named for Alexander Hamilton, who owned land there. The area has some beautiful brownstones and townhouses.

        1. re: Jessica Shatan

          My father spent part of his childhood in that area. Hamilton Grange (or Heights) is basically the area close to City College on the west side of St. Nicholas Park, characterized by that rather steep hill you have to climb if you go from the 1 stop at 137th and B'way to City College (Harlem's on the other side of the hill, starting with St. Nicholas Av.). I couldn't tell you the exact boundaries, but figure that it starts somewhere north of 125 St. and goes up to wherever we're figuring Washington Heights starts - probably somewhere in the 150s?