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Nov 13, 2000 10:08 AM

Downhill Alert: Mexican Radio

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Had an absolutely horrendous meal at Mexican Radio the other day. I was a big fan of this restaurant when it was housed in the cramped Little Italy location. It moved to a much larger space on Cleveland Place a few months ago. From what I understand, it has the same owners, staff, etc. - hard to believe judging from my meal.

To start, the service was miserable - an abosulte ice queen waitress throwing plates of food around. No chips or salsa were offered to our table of 6 - this was a first for Mexican Radio. According to our waitress, the phenomenal chicken and mole that was a staple of our past meals was simply a figment of our imagination - it never existed. I had a chicken buritto that was only marginally better than a Taco Bell Grande Buritto (not that Taco Bell doesn't have its virtues). The tacos had stale shells. The margaritas were sickingly sweet and short on alcholol. All around, a dismal experience.

I have spoken with a handful of others, all of whom have had the same experience at the new location. It is a shame, because the old Mexican Radio was damn good.

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    johnny anonymous

    You are quite correct, Mexican Radio is not what it used to be. And do you know what? There's another joint all the way downtown, across the street more or less from the the Fulton Street Fish Market called, of all things, Radio Mexico, and it too sucks. I wouldn't bring my dog there. There is, from what I can tell, NO DECENT TEX MEX anywhere in town. There is one joint that's not too terrible, on Amsterdam and 81st, called Yippie Yi Yo, where I often go, mainly because it does offer good value for the money, but even they don't have hardshell tacos, for example.

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      What's the difference between Tex Mex and Cal Mex?