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Nov 13, 2000 08:23 AM

Sette MOMA - any opinions good or bad?

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I'm thinking about renting out the restaurant for a private party, but have heard decidedly mixed reviews. We'll probably stick to safe stuff like pastas, so the food doesn't have to blow us away as long as it will satisfy a crowd. The central location and relative quiet (we'd have the whole museum to ourself after hours, essentially) is appealing, as is the relatively moderate price.
I would love any advice from Chowhounds in the know!

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  1. Sette MOMA is pretty blah for a restaurant, but MOMA's catering is pretty good for party catering - i.e., I've been disappointed when I've had lunch there - not because it's bad, just because it's very expensive and hypey for pretty unexciting fare, but enjoyed cocktail parties catered at MoMA - which it occurs to me, I don't actually KNOW that that catering was done by Sette MOMA...

    But, if they are doing the deal where they let you roam around the museum that's awesome. I've been to a few parties like that, and nothing beats the one on one with Monet - it's worth the boring (but NOT sucky) Sette MOMA food.

    1. Having the museum to yourselves? How great
      is that! I actually had a very fine lunch
      experience at Sette. I was the guest of
      a radio station so I don't know if it was
      overpriced. But my seafood risotto
      was really tasty. And someone else in my
      party raved about the liver and onions.
      The pastas we had were very good too. Maybe
      I enjoyed it so much because I was with
      really interesting people. So if you
      enjoy the people on your guest list and
      you think they will enjoy each other's
      company, you'll probably have a great party.