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Nov 13, 2000 06:56 AM

Party in Manhattan for 20 people

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Please help me find a bar/restaurant in Manhattan for a get together of 20 people (40-somethings) on Saturday night 12/16. It does not have to be a private room.

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  1. The Judson Grill would be high on my list. Chris Cannon could not be more accomodating and the food is very good. They do have a wonderful private room as does Oceana and Gramercy Tavern just to name a few. Your date is just before Christmas so I would not wait too long if I were you, if in fact you are already too late.

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      Thanks for your suggestions. Current thinking is that we'll choose a restaurant that has a large venue/bar & people can run their own tabs & come & go as they please. Its a college type reunion of old pals. Last year we did a private restautrant party & it went great but given the time of year we might be better off with this setup. What do you think of the Tavern at GT?