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Nov 12, 2000 10:32 PM

And As For Chinese Food.......

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Thanks to everyone who recommended good hamburger places!

Now I'm wondering...
What are the best places to get Chinese Food in NYC?

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    1. One of the best deals in all of Manhattan is in Chinatown...

      The lunch menu (until about 2:30 PM, M-F) at Sun Lok Kee (13 Mott St.) is an absolute steal. Seafood is their specialty, but all their plates are fabulous and about $3 each. Anytime this place rocks but for lunch it is killer. Next door is Wo Ho (15 Mott St.) which used to be better but is open until 4 AM.

      1. The best Peking Duck place is Maple Garden.
        It's in midtown east, look it up.
        Many Asian Billionaires eat here (only for its Peking Duck) whenever they travel to New York.