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Nov 12, 2000 08:37 PM

Is it too early to ask about New Years?

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It's our turn to host our Toronto friends for New
Year's Eve. We'd like to stay on Nineth Avenue near
the 50's, but are drawing a blank as to places that know how to have fun, yet serve good food. Any suggestions? David Tillyer

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    ricardo scalamanga


    1. Hey -- I think Uncle Nick's might be fun for New Year's dinner, and you could head next door to the Ouzaria after.... You could also go to Ruby Foo's 49th & Bway not necessarily for the food (though the lobser spring rolls are yummy) for its gaudy charm and fun drinks.... It's probably booked for a celebrity party, but the restaurant at the Hudson Hotel sounds good. Not sure about the food, but I took a look around and it sure is pretty. There are also a bunch of places on 10th popping up everyday, but I don't really know enough about them..... Good luck and post if you find anything good!