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Nov 11, 2000 04:58 PM

Tabla is one CLASS act

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Went to Tabla last Friday evening to celebrate my daughter's birthday. I ordered a bottle of champagne and since we were 8 the bottle was emptied the first time around. My wife, while passing around the bread knocked over her glass. They immediately cleaned up the table and within moments the waitress brought my wife a new glass and poured her, on the house, a full glass of their house champagne, Pol Roger no less. If that is not class then I do not know what is. Just one of many reasons why Danny Meyer is as successful as he is.

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  1. Ate there Sunday Night.
    This is my third time there and the food was incredible. I had the tumeric fettucinni with shrimp to start. I then followed with the Lobster which had a Rice Crust. Furthermore, the brown butter cake with cinnamon ice cream was a fantastic finisher. I wish Floyd would open another place. So I can sample more of his food.

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      Did you notice if the savory dish made with tapioca is back on the menu? When I was last there it had been removed. I think it was a seasonal change. I'd sure like to try it when I'm in NY, if it's available again. pat

      1. re: pat hammond

        Was not there on Sunday. There was foie Gras (sp) two ways that looked incredible.