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Nov 11, 2000 04:18 PM

Great Balducci's Breakfast

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The cafe on 6th Ave corner 10th St has black forest ham, egg & melted cheese on a roll plus superb coffee for....$2.50. It's called "breakfast special", avail from 8-11am Mon-Fri & Sat 9-11am. Best ham I've ever had. I've been going there every day for a week now & my cholesterol must have tripled.Only bargain in the Village.

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  1. Cafe closed Sunday. No variations on the "special breakfast", tho other items such as bagels w/creamcheese, lox, scones, etc., are available but pricey. Nice view while sitting on stool at big windows or at little tables. How long before I tire of ham/egg/cheese on roll every day????