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Nov 11, 2000 11:37 AM


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Hi, I'm wondering if anyone can point out where you can get the best hamburger in NYC. Thanks!!

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  1. I'm crazy about burgers at Corner Bistro, Jane St & W.4th St, $5. + great fries, & for beer I order a "dark", & sit on a stool at picture window. Love this neighborhood place. (someone on this board recently used the word "squalor" to describe this wonderful place, it got a big laugh from me.)

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      If you are looking for the best toppings on a decent burger go to Island Burger 9th ave in the 50's. Mt favorite is the hippo, with curried sour cream, sauteed onions, bacon, guacamole and great sour dough bread.

    2. Cozy Soup and Burger, west side of Broadway at the intersection of Broadway and Astor Place in Manhattan.

      1. As some wise soul already pointed out, there is no contest for the best burger in NYC...

        Corner Bistro. Period.

        Note: The Bistro has received some increased popularity and tourism over the years, which has made it more crowded and makes for a longer wait for a table. The eponymous "Bistro Burger" is a bacon cheeseburger, and with a couple of McSorleys Dark, gets you fully satisfied for about 8 bucks.

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          When corner bistro's good, it's very good indeed. I also love the old NY pubby ambiance and the jukebox. but there are two chefs, both mexican immigrants, and one is an angel, the other the devil (in personality as well as cooking style). I can tell in one bite who's working.

          For burgers perhaps as good as the corner bistro's best, but more consistent (also they have a fireplace), I go to Molly's on 2nd and 22nd. Though Donovan's in Woodside, Queens (also a branch in Bayside) is better than all.


          1. re: Jim Leff

            Molly's is a definite favorite here. Also on the list is Island Burger that charlie mentioned on this thread and Zocalo's hamburgesa mexicana. The one thing to remember if going to Molly's for a sunday lunch is to take your sunglasses with you - going out to the sun after consuming your burger and a couple of beers in the dark can be a blinding experience :-)

        2. I'm gonna be on the fence on this one and give you a few suggestions:

          Cheyenne Diner on 33rd and 9th: Definitely the penultimate griddle fried diner chesseburger, and they use buffalo meat. Cant go wrong, especially since "Re-Run" from "Whats Happening" is a frequent customer.

          Jackson Hole: Sort of touristy but its definitely a quality burger.

          McSorleys (East Village): Its cheap, its basic, its good eatin, and it goes well with a few pints of light and dark.

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          1. re: Jason Perlow

            With all due respect...I HATE the hamburgers at Jackson Hole. The are so big that in order to cook them they cover each burger on the grill, so you lose that great grill flavor and end up with a burger that is steamed...Yuck!

            Last week I had a burger at Lucky Stike on Grand street and I was suprised by how good it was. It is certainly worth another try.


          2. I had a great bacon cheese hamburger at Brooklyn Diner USA (212 W. 57th Street).

            Give me a moment to duck.

            Okay. Now, I realize BDU is a theme restaurant. But, it was a great burger. New York magazine thought it was the best in NYC. So it costs $15. You didn't say anything about cost.

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            1. re: mshriro

              The food at BDU is a bit better than you'd expect it to be (though, as you say, they're also a LOT more expensive than you'd expect).

              But that "bit better" amounts to, like, a "C+" rather than an "A". I've not tried the burgers, though.