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Nov 10, 2000 03:07 PM

South Wind @ Division St.

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There's this great place for weekend breakfast in Chinatown called South Wind located on Division st., on the same block as Canton Restaurant. (sorry, I forgot the street #, but it's diagonally across from Confucius Plaza) I highly recommend the wide white noodles wrapped in a roll that has dried shrimp, scallions and little bits of meat and sesame seeds mixed in. You'll see it in the window. I think the chinese name is "churn fun" or "ha churn" but I'm not sure... anyway, you can point to it, and they'll know what you mean. The congee there is pretty good, as well as the "siu gow" Also tasty is the tofu with pork. And the "lai fun" is really good. Yes, all this for breakfast, great for weekend mornings!!! This is more of a local hangout, but let me know what you chowhounds think of this place compared to noodletown or Great Shanghai etc. Actually, I think Great Shanghai serves the best dumplings, even better than Joe's Shanghai or Evergreens. Great Shanghai is on Mott St. near Bayard. Anyone tried their dumplings yet?

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  1. wow unbelieveable. never thought i would see someone posting about this place. I eat breakfast here almost every morning and can attest to all the foods that you mentioned. Of course i don't eat all those dishes every morning. They also have something called 'ja churn' which is a fried dough with a rice wrap. hoenstly this is a great local breakfast place. glad someone else out there enjoys it and hope other people will venture to explore.