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Nov 10, 2000 02:16 PM

Rice @ 227 Mott St.

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Has anyone tried this place yet? Am interested to know what their best dishes are, and how it compares with Funky Broome, one of my fave places to eat.


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  1. Rice is a favorite of mine. Basically, the set-up is that you pick a kind of rice (ranging from plain to exotic) and choose a topping to got over it. There are a few other entrees, but the rice bowls are the main thing. What I've liked there in the past: thai black rice with edamame, vegetarian meatballs (very light and tasty tofu balls, basically), ratatouille, eggplant maki, grilled tofu steak, carrot rice balls, lentil salad...actually, I don't think I've had anything there that hasn't been good. The butternut squash and caldo verde soups are excellent, as well, and a friend of mine loves the chicken curry. As for how it compares to Funky doesn't. As you can probably see by the above description, they really have nothing in common - Rice is a fusion joint, and you're not going to get the "sweet jesus this is the best thing I've ever tasted" revelation that you sometimes can at Funky Broome. But depending on your mood, give it a try. I'd like to hear what you had and how you liked it if you do!

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      'the "sweet jesus this is the
      best thing I've ever tasted" revelation that you sometimes get at Funky Broome"

      please tell us which dishes induced this revelation.

      1. re: emily

        The culprits were the snail app., fresh crab and eel from the tank, and the yam leaves. Oh, lord...the yam leaves.

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      Jessica Shatan

      I love Rice! I often combine the black rice (a little like sticky rice) with something that has coconut curry. And it's fun to split a rice ball dish as an app.: they're like 4-5 medium size balls with finely chopped veggies and herbs in the rice, usually in a sauce like a tomato sauce. It's just a quaint, comfy, laid-back, good place. Good for dinner, late-night snack or lunch. Or a light bite before a party. They had an arepa special once that was really good. It's kind of thai/chinese/vietnamese but you never know what the specials will be. They also make rice krispie treats for dessert tho' I've never tried them. I think they only have wine and beer.

      1. Rice is a small (actually call it tiny) place.
        My experiences there have been uneven. Maybe it had
        to do with those high stools with tiny table.

        Anyway, the choice of base (rice) is simple pick
        sticky then the flavor of your choice (i.e. toppings).

        I tried to experiment twice to disasterous results.
        It is still worth going.

        1. Thanks for all your comments re: Rice, greatly appreciate it!!!

          My sister and a friend of mine ventured out to Rice for dinner on Saturday and here are our comments:

          "Try the vegetable dumplings (6) for an appetizer. They seem average-sized with a yummy ginger and garlic soy sauce to dip them in. Also, a small side of green rice adds flavor to the meal. the rice has some mix of parsley and spinach bits. From the Specials try the (??) salmon salad. It's precut salmon bites on a bed of mesclun greens with a light vinagrette sauce and a
          small (not sure if it's tartar) sauce. Although I don't think the salmon needs any other sauce to go with it. But having a side of rice, any one of their choices seems to make the main course come alive w/ extra texture for each chomp. Also, for drinks I would go with the green sea anemone tea. You can add a variety of honeys to the tea for an interesting kick w/ your
          drink. And the honeys are not average, some flavors include amerreto, sage, blueberry, cranberry, wildflowers, orange, buckwheat. I think everything in
          this place is satisfactory tasting. But you definitely have love rice to enjoy all their selections. Don't worry, if you're not a rice fan. They provide you with other meals that don't include rice.

          The chicken kebab was good and tender. The special Vietnamese shrimp with sugar cane and bhutanese rice was good as well, but the bhutanese rice is very textured, if you're into that. If not, try some of the other rices.

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          1. re: Cindy

            I went to Rice on Saturday, too - maybe we were sitting next to each other and didn't know it!

            Anyway, I wasn't so thrilled with the food. I had the Indian chicken curry with basmati rice. The curry was all sauce. I couldn't detect more than two bites of chicken. Very odd. Had a good arepa appetizer, though.