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Nov 10, 2000 01:53 PM

A Salt and Battery *tasting report

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"Fridays fish and chips"
Want to try it the english way?
Excellent fish and chips from the new place at 112 Greenwich next to Tea and Sympathy. I had Cod and chips with a pickled onion, and my mate Thomas had Halibut and chips with a side of curry sauce. Fish was deep fried and the batter was nice and crispy, chips were nice and soggy. Fish was moist with good fresh flavour and flaked well. They came wrapped in old British newspaper, with little pots of vinegar to douse liberally over everything, small Tartar sauce pot and salt packets. Very Authentic R.E the chippies back in blighty. Other possibilities are, Rock salmon (otherwise known as Huss),Whiting, fish cakes, cod roe, Battered sausage, Mushy peas and the like. Ample bottles of Sarsons malt vinegar and H.P sauce are on the counters. Plenty of English sodas; Vimto, Dandelion and Burdock,Tizer.
Warning!!!!! Do not attempt the Deep fried Mars bar, unless you are thoroughly prepared.
Cost; Cod and chips $9.45, Halibut and chips $11.45,curry sauce $1, Chips 3.50
Louise, our server was on the ball, charming and a bit Saucy.It is really take-out although there is wallside seating for around 1/2 a dozen. Dont even think about calorie counting here.
Thomas's only complaint, he should have ordered two.
Great nosh, get down there for your nosebag.
A Salt and Battery, 112 Greenwich Avenue btwn 12 & 13

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  1. This review reads suspiciously like a press release.In point of fact, the food is truly English fish and chips, which is to say its partly awful, with limp mushy chips, smashed canned peas, fish with an oil-asborbing batter than manages to pick up every drop of the quasi rancid oil. My Brit friends like it that way, but that doesn't mean I do. And it aint too cheap, either.

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    1. re: AnthonyB

      No, Tex isn't a shill, he just tends to get excited.

      Ok, that's one positive nad one negative. It's important to bear in mind, though, that your description is similar to what outsiders often remark when they try authentic Brit fish/chips! As you say, that's kinda how it's done over there....

      anyone else?


      1. re: Jim Leff
        D-U-F-F (as in food)-I-E-L-D

        Does everything complimentary sound like a press release...I mean, I'm a publicist - but, come seems like we get a bad rap a lot. And, the guy just liked the place!

        I have to say I was nonplussed by the chips...but, the cod and scallops were great...and - well, then there's the fried Mars bar...YIPES!

        It's definitely not heart-healthy - but, it's happy fun food.