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Nov 9, 2000 11:46 AM

tamales at flea market

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Last Sunday it was really chilly at the flea market (26th--the one that costs a dollar to get into) and there was a man selling homemade tamales from a cart, pork or chicken. I don't know if it was just a combo of hunger and the warmth of those husk-wrapped treats, but I had one and it was GOOD!

Anyone else sample these recently?

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  1. I also had my first one of these over the weekend and liked it very much. I had the pork with salsa verde. It was quite large and a good deal at $3. The filling was fairly rich and moist, and very spicy. The masa was perhaps a little dry and lacked a little corn intensity compared to world-class, but it was much better than many in NYC. It will definately be my flea market lunch from now on.

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      I am new to new york city and would like to visit the flea market. Can you please post the address.

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        The flea market they're talking about is on the east side of 6th Avenue between (I think) 25th and 26th Streets -- it's outdoors in parking lot. It costs $1 to get in and is only open on the weekends. Dealers come very early in the morning and apparently buy a lot of the best stuff. There is a free flea market across the street and there are others around the city.