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Nov 8, 2000 09:01 PM

A Salt and Battery Fish and Chips?

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Anyone tried this "english fish and chip" place just opened next door to Tea and Sympathy on Greenwich st?
I believe it is an extension of the aforementioned.

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  1. Good chow spotting, Tex. I've driven by there three times this week and hadn't noticed it.

    I've always thought the service and ambiance at Tea and Sympathy exceeded that actual food quality (though it certainly makes for an evocative bite, and I've been meaning to make it in for the weekend lamb roast), but the fish/chips place sounds like a wildcard.

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    1. re: Jim Leff

      Im going to give it a try on Friday night ("Fridays fish and chips" as the traditional song goes), I will post to the board giving the lowdown.I have recieved a nice english postcard through the mail inviting me down to try some authentic brit fish and chips.(Although where they got my address from remains a mystery, obviously you cant remain a hidden Brit here in the big city)

      1. re: TEX
        Robin Majumdar

        Punning Fish and Chip shop names is quite common in Blighty my favourites being "Rock and Sole Plaice" and "Fishcoteque".

        1. re: Robin Majumdar

          I have been to A Salt and Battery, and it is wonderful! Something else there that you might want to try is their deep fried Mars bars. The candy bar is deep fried in breading and melts in your mouth.

          1. re: Gelisius

            the atmosphere is cool. the woman behind the counter has not allowed a molecule of fried cod to pass across her lips in her entire life. the staff are way too attractive. one gets the impression from them and their tea & sympathy neighbors that they've got some kind of hipster-brit internship/exchange/greencard marriage ring going on.

            so i paid FIFTEEN BUCKS for subpar fish and chips. the cod was actually quite bad; the batter was yellow and thick and fell off the fish. yuck. the tartar sauce was wonderful, though; full of celery flavor. the chips were good, but not worth six dollars, for pete's sake! seriously, i was really pissed off at how much money i spent. i once went past t & s and went in when i saw a sign advertising their mince pies. i went in and asked for one, never dreaming it would be the bottlecap-sized numbers in the case in front of me. it was. for two dollars i got one mouthful of acceptable mince pie. maybe it's american of me, but i like to feel like a restaurant is either generous or brilliant, or both. these are neither.

            although maybe all of this is consistent with british food. but that hasn't been my experience in england, so i don't think i'm going back to either of these places.