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Nov 8, 2000 03:14 PM

Need a good restaurant on GRAND STREET - URGENT!

  • k

Hi everyone. Sorry to post on such short notice, but I need to find a restaurant for my boss for tonight.

Does anyone know of a good (no, make that GREAT) restaurant on GRAND street?


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  1. L'Ecole, the restaurant of the French Culinary Institute. It is on the corner of Grand and B'way.

    Great food, very reasonable (actually, it is a steal - there is a prix fixe menu between $25- $30), decent wine list, great service (it is for a grade, after all). Accessible by subway, cab and a parking lot (not free) across the street.

    The potato pancake and smoked salmon (they smoke their own) appetizer is amazing - as is the creme brulee for dessert....mmmmmm....

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      Im not sure what you mean by good or great, but Nyonya, on Grand just east of Mulberry has the best singapore style food around NYC. And it is dirt cheap besides. Check earlier posts for recommendations.