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Nov 8, 2000 02:32 PM

Where to propose (must be elegant and have dancing)?

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In which restaurant or place around Manhattan
would you most rather be proposed to? The
restrictions are that it must be
elegant / romantic (for example Rainbow Room,
Jezebel's, or Carriage House), but it should also
have some type of ballroom dance, which could
also be jazz (but not just Latin or Swing).
The quality of the food is not so important
as the atmosphere.


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  1. One If By Land, Two If By Sea in the West Village (Barrow, between 7th Ave South and W. 4) is supposedly the romantic hotspot for proposals. DOn't know if they have dancing, though. River Cafe and Water Club are also pretty romantic, if you like views that is, by they don't have dancing. I think you'll have a tough time finding dancing AND a romantic restaurant together. Maybe Union Pacific?

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    1. re: Diane Mehta

      Last time I was at Union Pacific, I didn't see any dancing! Due to the shortage of space in NYC, I don't think there's a single restaurant that i can think of that has both really good food and dancing - maybe split the evening into two parts?

      1. re: Elaine
        Cranky old man

        I don't think a good place exists for both. How about proposing at home so as not to showboat too much and distract from other diners experience. Then make a great night of going out for a romantic dinner at I Trulli and then go dancing at a Jazz club in the Village.

    2. My husband wanted to propose to me there, but during the course of the night reconsidered and did it at home instead. Here's the deal: the tables were so close together we could touch elbows with the people next to us as well as hear every word of their conversation, the waited brought a glass of champagne over and there was a fruit fly in it (Yuk!), the food sucked esp. their famed Beef Wellington which arrived soggy on the outside overcooked on the inside (but I wasn't expecting much there since people who've eaten at OIBL, TIBS have warned me the food is not the point). So, it was far from being a romantic experience or worth it (the bill was $180 for two). Please choose another place to propose, I really don't recomment this restaurant.

      1. If you eliminate the dancing element, I'd recommend Alison on Dominick. Quite good food, very intimate atmosphere. Also, Terrace in the Sky. It's at a very unusual location - 119th St. between Amsterdam and Morningside! - but take a look at the Zagat write-up. Haven't been there in years, but I remember it as being extraordinarily romantic. Then again, the River Cafe could be terrific if you can wangle a window table and it's a clear night. And I'll bet that any of these places would get in on the act with you if you let them know you're planning to propose.

        1. Whatever you end up doing, you must let us all know what happened! Did she (or he?!) say yes?

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          1. re: magnolia

            To be fair then, Ms. Magnolia, in return you'll have to tell us what purpose you put the non-cliched romantic restaurant.

            Whats sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander, a saying whose intent, import and genesis is surely beyond dispute.

            1. re: Sugar

              No problem! Based on "Keithk"s suggestion re: tapas in response to my query, perhaps I should ditch my date and go with him...the pen (or keyboard) being mightier than the, er, whatever...