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Nov 8, 2000 09:32 AM

Komodo - A great meal

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I ate there last night and was extremely suprised by the food. The combinations of flavors and cusine mixed wonderfully. For appetizer we had the Spring Rolls. Amazing - sweet potatoes and avacado married extremely well with a tomatillo salsa. For mains I had the Sirloin Steak with crispy leeks and Oyster Tempura while my girlfriend enjoyed talapia cooked in a corn husk with a Posole mound and chicama slaw.

I must say that the desserts are not very good (save the mexican hot choclate) and the wine list was horrendous (no Gewurtz, Reisling or Australian Shiraz). I believe that they are trying to remedy that situation. We ate there with a friend who is a vegetarian and he was pleased by bothe the breadth and the quality of vegetarian options. On the whole a wonderful place, but I would skip dessert (better to walk over to Veniro's for the Best Cheesecake in NYC) and drink beer till the wine list improves (or bring your own).

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