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Nov 7, 2000 06:14 PM

Lupa last nite: Thanks Cher's

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My wife, I and 6 month old had a awesome diner last night at Lupa.
We were sat in the very back room (which I never knew existed) at a table for four so we would have room to remove an extra chair to put the stroller. They could not have been more child friendly. The reservation was at 9:15 pm and they were packed. They certainly did not have to give up a four top to accomodate a baby, but they did so graciously.
At CHer's suggestions, I had the buccatini and oxtail. The pasta was a little heavy on the red onion and a little lacking of bacon flavor, but I'm being really picky. I heard the women at the next table comment on the opposite, so maybe they did not quite cut the batch in half.
The oxtail was perfect. What a deal for $14.
My wife had the gnocchi and saltinbucca (sp). The gnocchi is great and surprising lite for a usually heavy dish. The veal protion was hugh and over top escarole a nice departure from spinach.
We also requested that the meal be slowed down and they paced us perfectly.
Thanks again for everyone's input!

P.S. Tomeo (next door) had a 20 person line out front

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  1. so glad you enjoyed it...i like the child-friendly story...special for primetime NY!