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Nov 6, 2000 09:02 PM

Good Japanese in the Theater District?

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Anyone know of a good Japanese restaurant in the theater district (42nd-50th West of Broadway)?

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  1. A couple months ago, I tried Fuji, which is on 56th, between Broadway and 8th. It was pretty good. Nothing to write home about, but everything was fresh, and I remember the soft-shelled crab being particularly well-prepared. That, however, may have been a better time of year to get soft-shelled crab, I don't know. Anyway, the service was attentive, but the restaurant was not very full. We went early (6:30), in order to catch a show. The sushi is the traditional fare, nothing fancy, but it is of pretty good quality. Certainly one of the better places I've tried in New York.

    I have a reservation next week at Sushi Zen, which is on 46th between 5th and 6th. I haven't been there before (if someone else has a report, I'd be glad to hear it), so I'll give a report on it afterwards.

    Sorry, these are slightly outside of the area you requested, but not too far.

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      I've eaten at Sushi Zen once and frankly, aside from some unusual sushi dishes, I didn't find it anything special, especially not for their prices. I just kept thinking - I could have had Nobu or even Yama and come back with change.
      I happened to really enjoy the lunch I had at Ya Bowl 125 West 45th Street. The atmosphere was very cozy - designed to be the interior of a living room - and the food - I had a salmon teryiaki dish was very good and very reasonable. All dishes aside from sushi are served in bowls.

    2. Sugiyama is great, described in a thread from around September 26. See link below.