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Nov 6, 2000 04:44 PM

Winter Restaurant Week?

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It's getting close to Winter 2001 restaurant week, which should be in January. But I haven't heard a thing about it yet, not even on, which still has the listings forr Summer 2000 only.

Does anyone know which week it will be?

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  1. h
    Helena Robinson

    I just noticed in Bob Lape's "Dining Diary" on the WCBS 880 web site (it'll always be Newsradio 88) that Winter Restaurant Week will take place from Jan. 29 thru Feb. 2. And yes, prices will be $20.01.

    Although he says to check out for more information, you eventually have to get to - and it hasn't been updated yet. -(

    At least we can mark our calendars... :-
    Helena Robinson
    Hillsborough, NJ