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Nov 6, 2000 01:11 PM


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A friend and I tried Annisa restaurant in the West Village (13 Barrow st.) on Friday and had a delicious meal. The clean decor was also pleasant as was the service. The hostess, who is a part owner, was both friendly and professional. It did get loud at times as there was a table of 9 women in the center of the room, and as frequently happens with large parties was a little too noisy.
The amuse was cod puree. I had a seared fois gras appetizer with soup dumplings which was quite delicious - an asian influenced dish as many on the menu are. My friend had a mixed greens salad with a dressing she enjoyed. For mains I had a miso crusted sable fish in a broth that appeared to have some roe in it. The fish was good, I had never had sable before. My friend ordered scallops, which she enjoyed, but I didn't try them myself. We split an apple tart with vanilla ice cream for dessert - it was gone in about a minute. mmm. Then at the end of the meal, they brought two mini popsicles on toothpicks, two small pieces of candied ginger and two small chocolate truffles. It was a nice end to an enjoyable meal. Entrees were in the mid to high $20s.

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    yvonne johnson

    I've been trying to get in here! I'm interested in trying Lo's dishes, as we were pretty regular diners at what used to be Mirezi where she was the chef. If you visited Mirezi, how does Annisa compare?

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      I never got to try her dishes at Mirezi so I can't compare. Many of her dishes had Asian influences although some were otherwise influenced. Also, the tasting menu (which I didn't order) reminded me of omakase at Japanese restaurants, in that the chef gives you what she thinks are the best dishes of the day, without you knowing in advance what you will get. However, unlike in traditional omakse, they offer set tasting menu options, one with 5 courses and one with 7 courses that have specific prices. Good luck. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!