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Nov 6, 2000 12:42 PM

Becco update

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Haven't been to Becco for a while, so we went there after the Rocky Horror Show (in previews -EXCELLENT!).
We had 8:30 reservations, but the show let out earlier than we thought. We were pleased that when we showed up at 8:00, they were willing to accommodate the four of us almost immediately with a table next to the front door (beggars can't be choosers). We didn't want to appear ungrateful, so we took the table. Besides, it was near the maitre-d', so we thought we could get his attention if we needed to.

We ordered the halibut & garlic mashed potatoes (delicious fish - I love halibut), the Lamb chops w/ caponata (caponata too salty), the special whole fish (yummy), and the All-you-can-eat pasta dinner.
The pasta was ordinary and unambitious but good, although the seafood ravioli with rock shrimp was not that good (overcooked and falling apart).

After some conventional desserts, we inquired about the large selection of "Amaro" after-dinner wines. The maitre d' brought the sommelier to the table with four bottles of Amaro for tasting. He proudly displayed his choices to us and told us a little about each, and then let us go at it. At first, ugh!
This stuff is like a combination of cough medicine and paint thinner, but it tastes better as you go along.
They are called "digestivi," and are drunk to settle the stomach, but I don't know...

I would go to Becco again for the friendly staff, the good (but unspectacular) food, but not for the Amari!

It was a fun dinner with friendly staff

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  1. Funny how people's tastes are different. I love amari. there are several different brands and it used to be hard to get it. Fernet Branca is similar in that it's a digestiv but much stronger in taste.

    1. Yea! I went to Becco last night for the first time - and have finally discovered the perfect restaurant for dining with all my friends who are idiotic, conservative, stingy or timid about food! Not to slur Becco - I found everything perfectly pleasant. But my friends from NJ (who have in the past taken me to the Olive Garden :( ) were blown away by the pasta tasting dinner ($21.95 for antipasto and unlimited pasta) and the dessert taster ($4.50 /pp for an obscene amount of desserts including a delicious berry ice cream). And all those fun $18 wines. The staff is so amiable and unsnippy too - they went out of their way to accomodate my friend's seafood allergy. This is reassuring Manhattan dining that will make anyone feel comfortable, yet not totally nauseate and annoy the Chowhound in you. Put it on the top of your list for all those folks who come to visit you and say things like "I'm not one for Oriental food..." or "They call this a portion? At the Outback, you get all this and more for only $19.99."