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Nov 6, 2000 08:36 AM

Midtown -East side

  • k

I looked through the archives but did not know enough about the area to seek out an answer. I need a mid-range restaurant for a pre-show dinner this Friday night - hopefuly one we can get into without reservations. We are staying near 44th and 1st avenue and seeing a show at the Richard Rogers theater. What can you suggest ? Any type of food - just good.

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  1. j
    Jessica Shatan

    Please give address of theatre==thanks!

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    1. re: Jessica Shatan

      The theatre is located at 226 West 46th Street -Thanks

      1. re: kelly
        Jessica Shatan

        Try Becco at 355 W. 46th St. 397-7597. It's good italian with a fun pasta tasting menu. Do a search on these boards for more info. It's not the east side but it is near the theatre.
        Also, I would recommend making a res as it will be the pre-theatre crunch. But it should be easy to make a res. there.

    2. Try these:
      Marichu 342 E. 46 (between 1/2nd). Spanish food; spicy steak's good.

      Bukhara Grill 217 E. 49th (between 2/3rd I think). Elegant North Indian. It's all good.

      Meltemi 905 First AVe at 51st, classic, good old Greek place. Stuff on skewers is good, as is the tuna, which is solid and simple. Also, the bread they serve in the beginning is warm, wonderful, and ample.

      Smith & Wollensky on 49th & Third (the walk-in part, not the fancy part) has excellent burgers for $11.75; steaks and other stuff are pricier, but portions are huge.

      Oyster Bar at Grand Central. VEry New York, excellent oysters. 42nd and Lex.

      Le Quercy 52 West 55th St. between 5/6th Aves. Lovely mellow bistro, excellent venison, good service, wonderful apple tart.